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2008 Arts Alive Banner "Thoughts about Africa," created and donated by Nastya Chernik, sponsored by Danny Salzhandler from the Artists' Colony
2008 Arts Alive Banner "Sea World," created and donated by Nastya Chernik, sponsored by Danny Salzhandler from the Artists' Colony
Olga Korablova, attended the Minsk School of Art since the age of 7, and currently attends the Minsk Art University. She lives with her mother and brother Aleksei. She contributed the paintings "Chameleon" and "Bluebird in the Klimt Style" as winning paintings in 2006, when she was 18. Her preferred media are mixed, gouache, watercolor, and fabric. She has contributed 2 unique silkscreen pieces for 2008, "Fish" and "Castle."

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maria sharapova provides inspiration, hope, and sponsorship to children from the chernobyl region.

chernobyl reactor no. 4 after the accident showing the extensive damage to the main reactor hall
(photo credit unknown)
although the chernobyl disaster does not currently occupy the headlines as it did when the nuclear reactor exploded in the soviet ukraine on april 26, 1986, the aftermath of this catastrophe continues to have devastating effects on the people living in ukraine and belarus. contaminated soil and waterways have contributed to poor nutrition and weakened immune systems in people living in the areas around chernobyl, especially the children. one of the most predominant physical effects of the chernobyl radiation on children is the profound increase (over 100%) in thyroid cancer, a disease rarely found amongst children elsewhere in the world. the corrupt political regime, poor economy, and compromised state of medical and dental facilities add to feelings of depression and despair amongst the people living in this region. the current economic situation of the region makes it nearly impossible for these people to relocate.

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children of chernobyl foundation, san diego, is one of many world-wide children of chernobyl organizations who are committed to helping the young victims who continue to suffer from the effects of the 1986 chernobyl nuclear accident. in 2007, 38,000 children from the chernobyl region were removed from their environment to go abroad for summer respite vacations. participating countries include western europe, the uk, canada, japan, israel, and many cities within the usa. get more information about the numerous domestic and international organizations who are making a difference in the lives of these children...
new - permanent artwork venue announcement

children of chernobyl is pleased to anounce its recent partnership with the hasenstab and associates law firm, who has generously donated their spacious new downtown office to exhibit the belarusian students' artwork. approximately 35-40 paintings, of varying media and themes, will be on permanent display at 1230 columbia street, suite 1120, san diego, ca 92101 (map). sales of paintings goes towards bringing needy children from the contaminated chernobyl region to san diego for summer respite vacations.

visits to the law office to view the paintings will be by appointment only. please call 619 814-3790 and ask for heather, if you are interested. meanwhile, many of the paintings will continue to be exhibited at various venues in san diego country throughout the year.

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sponsor a child °™ it costs $1,650 to bring a single child over for the summer. it is as a result of your tax deductible donation that many deserving kids will be able to come to san diego to rest and to receive much needed medical attention. please contact us for more details.

be a host-family °™ your warm generosity as a host-family for a visiting child from belarus would provide a boost to the health and spirits of not only the child, but also to their family, friends and community who worked hard to get their young one into our respite program. to become a host family, please complete the host family application. for more information, please visit our host family guide.

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the film ‚Äúchernobyl heart‚Ä� won the 2004 oscar for best documentary. this documentary moved many of us by putting faces to a tragedy that we thought of as ‚Äúin the past.‚Ä� here is a brief update on one of the ‚Äúchernobyl heart‚Ä� kids...

the boy with the terrible skin condition on his hands and feet... is named sasha nesterenko. sasha, aged 13 when he was filmed (although he looks much younger), suffered terribly from severe malnutrition, and a severely compromised immune system which complicated a rare, contageous skin condition called "norwegian encrusted scabies." we brought him to tralee general hospital in ireland, where he was treated successfully, and was returned to his home in the vesnova asylum. his health is closely monitored by our nurses, who are trained, supervised, and paid by ccpi. he is doing great. you can read more about our work at the vesnova asylum.